Keller Williams (KW) Southwest Cycling Team Joins Forces to Raise Funds for MS 150,

  • “Giving where we live.”
  • Summary: Captain Joe Rothchild, along with Co-Captain, Norman Lew, and the entire KW Cycling Team ready to take the road from Houston to Austin

    Houston, TX – The Keller Williams (KW) Southwest Cycling Team is ready to hit the road for a cause, yet another example of the company’s mission to “Giving where we live.”

    Heading the 19-member team are veteran riders, Captain Joe Rothchild and Co-Captain Norman Lew. Rothchild, organizer of the KW Southwest team, rides his 7th year for MS 150 team.  In addition to the KWSW agents and brokers, numerous other friends and family support the efforts by riding along with the group.

    Rothchild has a passion for riding and physical health. He wanted a cycling team to support the National MS Society fundraising efforts and with the help of Norman Lew, Agent Services Director, they got the team “off the ground and running.” Each year with Rothchild’s support, a team of volunteers plan and work the details for a flawless and memorable ride for the cycling team.

    Lew explained that not only are they raising funds for a worthy cause, they get the chance to do much more. “I just love riding. Finding new routes, new sights to see and new riders to meet and ride with. Getting lost along the way is part of the fun. Cyclists have a common goal—fitness and joy of the wind in our face,” he said. “Riding in the BP MS150 and raising money for the National MS Society helps them continue their research and get closer to a cure. It also helps so many riders keep in shape.”

    The BP MS 150 is a two-day fundraising bike ride organized by the National MS Society. The ride is the largest event of its kind in North America with 13,000 cyclists, 3,500 volunteers and countless spectators along the route and at the finish line in Austin. The 2015 BP MS 150 had a record breaking year raising $20.3 million dollars, bringing hope to many who are living with multiple sclerosis.

    Mark Naegli, BP MS150 Executive Director, expressed his appreciation for the dedication and perseverance of the KW Southwest Cycling Team and their multi-year participation. “We recognize the contribution of this great team and understand the commitment it takes to year after year to join us for this endeavor.”

    About KW (Keller Williams) Southwest:

    At KW Southwest, the mission is simple, “Giving where we live.” At the core of KW Southwest is the conviction that who you do business with matters. They believe the company we keep can contribute to our lives in numerous ways.

    KW Southwest believes real estate is a local business driven by individual associates and their presence within the community. KW Southwest operates on the premise that if the company focuses all its resources on building the agents’ businesses, the agents will build the company beyond all expectations. With this philosophy, KWSW is reshaping the industry landscape in Fort Bend.

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    Christopher Niedzielski is discovering dreams must be earned. He has just earned one of his own

    Summary:Christopher Niedzielski is discovering dreams must be earned. He has just earned one of his own. Ten thousand athletes went to the National team tryouts in Ohio and only 30 were selected. Christopher was one of them.

    Christopher Niedzielski is discovering dreams must be earned. He has just earned one of his own. Ten thousand athletes went to the National team tryouts in Ohio and only 30 were selected. Christopher was one of them.

    When we were young, we all dreamed our own big dreams, whether it being a rock star, fireman, or an NFL player. For some, there is a point when this fantastical dream becomes a realistic goal. Over time, that goal grows into a passion, and it is that passion that changes a person. It is that passion that drives a person to the top, to achieve that goal, and to live out that dream. Christopher Niedzielski is on that path of passion and determination.

    Christopher has just been selected to the USA National Football Team, along with 30 other young athletes who were selected out of all the young football players in America. The National Football team travels the world to play other countries; the USA vs. Canada match will occur in January.

    Where do athletes come from? There are millions of individuals who play football in high school but only a few make it to college football, and fewer make it on to play pro football. NFL players come from all sorts of backgrounds, all walks of life, all ethnic groups—after all, when you are on the field, it does not matter if you are rich or poor, white or black. What matters is that you do your job better than anyone else could. However, one thing every pro player has in common is the passion to do their best and a love for the game.

    It is passion that distinguishes a good athlete from an exceptional athlete. Talent is a key element of success, but it is not enough. To be the best requires passion for the sport, determination, and perseverance. To be successful at the age of 14, you must start early, perhaps at the age of 6 like Christopher did. It is his passion that gets him out in the backyard throwing the football while his friends are playing video games and engaging in the normal teenage activities. You can see Christopher’s determination when he watches the game; he does not second guess the coach or blame the referees. Instead, he is analyzing the movements and strategies of all the other players, thinking about what he would do if he were in their position.

    The desire to excel drives people like Christopher. What sets him apart is that he does not strive to win, but to become the best player he can be. And his desire to push himself to be the best does not only apply to his athletic pursuits; Christopher is also on the honor roll at Toms River High School North, in Toms River, New Jersey. He plays football for the Toms River Mainers and has played in more than 10 all-star games. You will be able to see Christopher play at the All-American DIAMOND game in Myrtle Beach, S.C. on December 31, 2016.

    Christopher is about to experience a moment that he will never forget. On January 17, 2017, Christopher will represent the U.S. National Team against Canada. When he puts on the Team USA jersey and hits the field for the first time in an international event, when he stands for the national anthem, and when he begins to play the game he loves, he will understand what he has spent those long, exhausting hours practicing for. He didn’t just get the chance to wear the Team USA jersey; he earned it.

    Christopher, you have worked for this and deserve it. Our best wishes go out to you and TEAM USA – Represent us with pride!

    Bio: Christopher “CJ” Niedzielski is currently attending Toms River North High School in New Jersey, where he plays defensive tackle and right tackle/tight end. He is 14 and wants to play college football at TCU, FSU, or the University of Miami. He has two very supportive parents: his mother Kimberly and father Krzysztof Niedzielski and his 8-year-old sister, Jayda, who helps keep him grounded.

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    Small Traditions Monthly Auctions Celebrates

  • Grade & Auction Your Cards & Collectibles with Small Traditions & Don’t Spend a Single Penny Out-of-Pocket
  • Summary:Denver-Based Auction Firm Presents 100 High-End Lots In Its 4th Annual Exclusive 100-Lot Summer Premium Auction

    Denver, CO (August 22) – Small Traditions LLC invites all current and prospective new bidders to view the company’s 4th Annual Exclusive 100-Lot Summer Premium Auction, which is now open for bidding and will close in two weeks on Saturday, August 27th.

    In celebration of Ichiro “3-Chiro” Suzuki, who hit a 3-bagger last week to become baseball’s 30th member of the 3,000 hit club, the auction features highlights from one of the most accomplished Ichiro PSA-graded rookie card collections ever assembled.

    Also included are highlights from a recently unearthed vintage St. Louis-based collection, assembled by a part-time dealer in the 1970s. The collection has remained untouched for nearly 40 years, and it yielded some impressive, high-grade results from PSA at this summer’s National Sports Collector’s Convention in Atlantic City.

    As always, the auction also features an elite selection of Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan cards, a small assortment of high-end memorabilia, including a Mariano Rivera Signed & Inscribed 1996 World Series Game/Field Used Baseball, plus two of the most contentious and condition sensitive Kobe Bryant and Albert Pujols rookie cards in the hobby.

    Grade & Auction Your Cards & Collectibles with Small Traditions & Don’t Spend a Single Penny Out-of-Pocket

    As advertised in PSA’s Sports Market Report, select up to 100 of your best raw cards for submission to PSA, and Small Traditions will pay all the expensive shipping, insurance, and grading fees up front. The company will consult with you before and after the grading process to ensure your satisfaction and your understanding of its many challenges. It will employ its expertise to further screen and prepare your cards for grading candidacy, and then it will auction your graded cards at a 0% sellers rate, subtracting only your grading fees after your successful sales. Grading your cards can be time-consuming and expensive if you are not familiar with the process, so why not let Small Traditions do all the work for you, for free? For larger collections of over 100 cards, the company will charge a modest collection management fee of just 10-20%. Please call 303.832.1975 or write

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    New Fashion – theException Clothing

  • Some people wake up thinking the world will just be given to them, not you! Your going to work for it, knowing there is someone out there working twice as hard, your going to work twice as hard as them. You know its better when you earned it, pushing yourself to the limit to be the best there is. Be the Exception.
  • Summary:

    theException is a clothing brand that provides quality design, superior products, and is committed to helping the community.   We’re a small but growing brand that makes it a priority to create items that you’ll love for years to come. 

    $1 from every product we sell goes to Challenged Athletes Foundation,  a group that provides grant funding to athletes with physical disabilities. 

    When you slip on a hoodie or tee from theException we want you to feel that passion that we feel with every design we make, and hope that you’ll be inspired and get out there and do something great. 

    Our products are made with extra soft cotton, and they’re pre-washed so that you don’t have to worry about them shrinking in the wash. We mesh comfort with style, so that you’re able to confidently rock any items from theException collection. 

    We’re proud to offer products made in the United States, using sweatshop free labor.  Our ethics and inspiration go into every product we make, and we believe in making ethical decisions as a business.

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    BuffBoxx: Fitness Delivered

  • “BuffBoxx keeps me motivated with great, new products every month! I love the Reebok clothes they send me!”
  • Summary:BuffBoxx is a fitness subscription box company for men and women. They curate monthly boxes full of brand name fitness products and Reebok athletic apparel. You choose which of their charity partners receives your portion of proceeds!

    Founded in August of 2015, BuffBoxx has roared onto the scene as THE premier fitness subscription box service. While offering free shipping and brand name products at a fraction of the cost, they also find a way to give back. BuffBoxx is partnered with several charitable causes from breast cancer research to veterans to animal welfare. BuffBoxx has left it’s customers with the capbility to choose the cause they are most interested in. So whether it’s the Reebok apparel with PlayDry technology or the charitable donation, BuffBoxx leaves you feeling great and ready to tackle your fitness goals! 

    Interested in joining Team BuffBoxx? Just visit! Use promo code “BB2016” for 15% off your order!

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