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Daytona Modification – Appreciation of New Timepiece from AET REMOULD Daytona Classic Collection

Daytona Modification – Appreciation of New Timepiece from AET REMOULD Daytona Classic Collection

May 21
00:00 2020

AET REMOULD has become a unique existence in the watch-making industry since its birth. Its innovation on the design and materials has provided a unique wearing experience of trending style.

 After repeated discussions, experiments, and adjustments, the new AET REMOULD Daytona “Classic Collection” finally launches in 2020. Interpreted by new ideas, this Daytona modification collection has undergone revolutionary changes in the use of ceramic materials and color design, which is more fashionable and dazzling. The cases made of high-tech fine ceramics collide with the diversified colors of straps, and every change in the watch has shown the unique style of AET REMOULD.



The highlight is undoubtedly the ceramic cases which are created based on the technical advantages of AET REMOULD. Although the ceramic is fragile and easily cracking during manufacturing process, it has three major advantages that cannot be ignored. First is its excellent hardness and wear resistance. Secondly, it remains brand new after many years of use. Thirdly, hard ceramics has an extremely technical visual enjoyment – the finely polished ceramic cases have a lustrous luster like jade. Therefore, it is often used in the production of high-end watches over the years.

 AET REMOULD adopted customized diamond tools and the most advanced six-axis CNC to process the ceramic to overcome technical problems of cracking and make sure that there is not a trace of flaws. Hand-polished and dedicated details, plus its beautiful gloss, gives the viewer a completely different pleasure.

This classic collection uses a traditional ‘panda’ color scheme to present a strong color contrast of the dial – white surface with black design or vice versa. Another amazing choice is white and gold, which also has a different elegant beauty.

 Especially the one with white surface, its clear ceramic case plus the unparalleled ‘panda’ style, allowing the watch to show a unique beauty. This kind of gloss beauty that is closely related to the ceramic texture, is impossible to achieve by stainless steel.

 This collection has a variety of the straps as well, from full-ceramic to rubber straps. The links of ull-ceramic straps are made of customized molds, which, after fine grinding, are clear and translucent, comfortable to wear, and no worries for allergies even for sensitive skins. It is also a great match with the case that is eye-catching. Rubber straps, on the other hand, has an excellent wear resistance and waterproof performance, and its flexibility can perfectly fit the case. It is light and easy to wear, and is often used in sports watches which goes well with the sports style of Daytona.

 It has been over five decades since the witness of the Rolex Daytona collection in 1963. It has been time-honored and fascinated by countless people that every change affects its enthusiasts. AET REMOULD’s distinguished interpretation through fashion of the technology era will be another legend.

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