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Ipv6 Public Link Source Plans To Usher In A New Era Of Information Revolution Development

Ipv6 Public Link Source Plans To Usher In A New Era Of Information Revolution Development

May 28
00:00 2020

The value of the IP address under the $300 million transaction

With the rapid development of the Internet industry, currently, the global IPv4 addresses have been basically exhausted, and its successor IPv6 protocol is still in a relatively slow state of development, which has seriously affected the development of the Internet industry itself.

On March 25, 2020, Jun Murai, the IPv6 advocate known as the “father of the Internet in Japan,” announced that he would sell more than 14 million IPv4 addresses, and all proceeds would be donated to the IETF as a trust fund to promote Internet services in the asia-pacific region and further bridge and even bridge the global digital divide. Mr. Murai was President of the Japan network information center (JPNIC) and vice President of the Internet society of Japan. In 1984, he developed the Nippon uniersity network (JUNET), the first inter-university network ever developed in Japan. In 1988, he founded and served on the board of directors of the WIDE integrated distributed environment project of the Japan Internet research consortium.

With the use of IPv4 addresses already heavily saturated, murai’s move will no doubt be snapped up by Internet giants such as Google, facebook, Microsoft and amazon. At the same time, it can be seen from the side that the current market prospect of IP addresses is very broad. As the cornerstone of the development of the next generation Internet, IPv6 protocol will become a new wind outlet by virtue of its large number, security and stability, leading to a new upgrade of the value of the Internet industry.


IP address change is imperative

Due to the saturation of IP addresses, IPv6 protocol has been widely concerned in the market in recent years. After the birth of blockchain technology and its continuous application, the two gradually started to combine organically, and the technical form was upgraded under this background. With the block chain technology, IPv6 addresses can be assigned directly through smart contracts, greatly improving efficiency. The decentralized feature of block chain technology ensures the security of IPv6 addresses. The imtamable nature of the write chain makes IPv6 addresses extremely fair and transparent.

Obviously, the addition of blockchain technology will inject new vitality and technical ceiling into the development of IPv6 protocol, greatly improving the efficiency and security. It can be predicted that the new Internet project, which can perfectly combine the two, will usher in a new era of information revolution development. Here, we are fortunate to witness the emergence of IPv6 source project.

IPv6 source plans to usher in a new era of information revolution development

The IPv6 source project, initiated by the most authoritative Internet engineering task force in the world today, IETF, was initiated and promoted by AMS silicon valley operations. Based on IPv6 communication protocol, block chain and smart contract, it builds a strong, stable and secure new Internet. IPv6 source plan will promote the IPv4 to IPv6 upgrade iteration, to help poor countries and regions to bridge the digital divide, at the same time will increase funding to support the world’s most cutting-edge Internet technology research and development and application, to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to reap the benefits of the global Internet technology change.

AMS, the IPv6 source program operations team, is a full-service association management provider with more than 20 years of experience in managing international organizations and standards-setting teams. Founded in 1997, AMS is an AMC Institute (AMCI) certified management company located in the heart of silicon valley.

Multiple technological dimensions are reshaping blockchain

The core of the IPv6 source plan is IPv6 Chain, which is the world’s first practical blockchain 4.0 infrastructure to support large-scale applications, the cornerstone of building the next generation of value Internet, and a user-friendly, highly available, decentralized and distributed application development platform.

IPv6 Chain will reshape blockchain in all dimensions of technology: the two-layer consensus mechanism HashNet supports high concurrency and fast validation; Cross-chain communication and multi-chain fusion technologies that support seamless and transparent cross-chain transactions; Multi-dimensional industry common interface meets the requirements of multi-direction application scenarios under different industry backgrounds; The new anti-quantum attack algorithm is very forward-looking and eliminates the threat from quantum computing. Turing’s complete new generation intelligent contract guarantees the system efficiency. Data adaptive security access under the chain ensures security; The anonymous technology of communication transaction satisfies the privacy needs of users. The circulation mechanism is fair and equitable. A variety of technological innovations have enabled IPv6 Chain to create a whole new world of value on the Internet.

Closed loop application ecology creates a whole new world

The IPv6 source plan will reinterpret the virtual and real world, provide users with secure virtual asset preservation services incubate and release practical distributed applications, and provide cross-chain asset exchange and transfer, cross-border asset transaction and payment and other featured applications. The IPv6 source plan will play a huge role in many areas, bringing a good experience to the market and consumers, forming a closed-loop application ecosystem, building a disruptive lifestyle, and creating a whole new world.

Stick to strategic planning and forge ahead

To achieve the project vision, the IPv6 source plan will fully promote the following phased strategic planning:

Phase 1: supported by the IETF foundation, AMS Silicon Valley is responsible for initiating and promoting the source plan, introducing the first batch of IPv6 evangelists, and providing a strong foundation for the development of IPv6 source plan.

Phase 2: the first batch of IPv6 evaders reaches 100,000, and the IPv6 Chain subscription is automatically opened (three rounds in total). This will completely blow up the IPv6 source program and head to the world market!

The third stage: after the subscription, the mining was started, and the IPv6 Chain of IPv6 address resources were excavated. The project entered the sprint stage.

The fourth stage: the launch of IPv6 main network, Token login to the world’s top 10 exchanges, and constantly expand its influence.

The fifth stage: improve the ecological construction centering on IPv6 Chain, continue to promote the development of IPv6, start to build the application ecological closed loop, and realize the new generation of value Internet innovation.

We believe that the IPv6 source plan will promote the IPv6 protocol under the tide of the new generation of Internet development and create a win-win situation with users hand in hand.

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