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As a pioneer, PRO Engineering / Manufacturing now offers a Triple Temperature Spray Batch Pasteurizer

As a pioneer, PRO Engineering / Manufacturing now offers a Triple Temperature Spray Batch Pasteurizer

February 25
00:00 2022

PRO Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc is rated among one of the best pasteurization companies having four decades of experience in fulfilling microbiological demands. The company provides the right pasteurization, warming, and cooling solutions. PRO pays attention to the consumers’ needs by providing equipment that suits their space and budget.

USA – PRO Engineering and Manufacturing Inch is one of the leading companies creating unmatchable small, medium, and large tunnel and batch pasteurizers. The company has been providing shelf stability and consumption safety solutions for beverage products for over 40 years. PRO works best in pasteurizer design and construction. The most widely used spray batch pasteurizer and the tight tunnel pasteurizer are the inventions of PRO Engineering / Manufacturing.

Nowadays, Tunnel and batch are two of the most extensively used Pasteurization processes. Pasteurization is highly efficient against a wide range of infections for extending product shelf life. The cost and complexity of this heat treatment are determined by the size of the manufacturing facility and the pasteurizer’s water and energy consumption. For smaller processes, Single and Three Temperature Batch pasteurizers can be used, and for extended use, “Slimline” pasteurizers by PRO can do wonders.

The company takes great care in providing innovative and cost-effective products to beverage makers, while focusing on meeting the needs of customers in terms of microbiological packaging. The company has outstanding Pasteurization models, suitable for everyone’s needs. PRO is constantly innovating to fulfil the needs of the market.

PRO produces a wide range of large and slimline Tunnel Pasteurizers for multiple staging heating processes, including “PRO/LINE™ SERIES 5, 8, AND 14”, “PRO SLIM/LINE™ TUNNEL”. The company also invented Batch Pasteurizers. The products of Batch Pasteurizer are “SINGLE TEMP BATCH” “TRIPLE TEMP BATCH”.

PRO Engineering has a team of engineers who are creative and innovative. That’s how the company was able to pioneer unmatchable products. The innovation also resulted in the creation of Dynamic Transfer Mechanism, which is one of the world’s significant brewers. As a result, the customers can now experience efficient solutions to the problems.

The CEO of PRO Engineering / Manufacturing, Edward A. Michalski says: “I started my career in the beverage industry by designing stainless steel, higher flow, spray headers for Pabst Brewing. Along with the header design, I also developed a process to produce the new headers. I, along with my brother David, formed PRO Engineering/Manufacturing, Inc. Based on what we learned by re-designing and refurbishing other manufacturers’ pasteurizers, Ed and PRO started to offer the pasteurizer marketplace superior new pasteurizers.”

About PRO Engineering and Manufacturing:

PRO Engineering and Manufacturing was established in 1977. Ed and Dave Michalski started the company as a steel fabrication shop. The company has now scaled by several folds offering innovative pasteurization, cooling and heating products. To know more about Pasteurizers for sale in the USA, customers can visit the website anytime.

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Company Name: PRO Engineering / Manufacturing, Inc
Contact Person: Jozef Michalski
Email: Send Email
Phone No: 414-362-1500
Address: 11175 W Heather Ave
Country: United States
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