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Introducing decentralized lending with JENCO

Introducing decentralized lending with JENCO

October 15
00:00 2020

Tokyo, Oct 14, 2020  – One of the most significant sectors for decentralized applications has been lending and borrowing digital assets. Several high-quality applications have been introduced that allow users to borrow and lend directly from the Ethereum blockchain with no intermediaries. One of these innovations is from Jubilee Group’s JENCO. JENCO Tech has introduced JENCO Loan, a decentralized lending service available to anyone, anywhere, and connects to all major lending platforms.

Digital asset holders can now lend  through decentralized lending platforms to earn passive income on their holdings through borrowers’ interest fees. This is an attractive option for lenders as they can make relatively low-risk interest on their existing digital assets without giving out their private keys to a third-party centralized service provider.

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The current bottlenecks for decentralized lending services are that it is difficult for traditional investors to understand and participate. That’s why Jubilee Group’s JENCO introduced a toolkit with advanced API to connect to make lending platforms including Poloniex, DDEX, Aave, Argent, Compound, and InstaDapp. This will ensure that participants will accurately lend out their digital assets and receive it in time without compromising security.

JENCO understands how hard and tedious it is for a digital asset retail lender to find a platform to help them grow their holdings by lending out their digital assets. That’s why JENCO Loan is here to cut down on all costs and intermediaries making it easier for lenders to participate in decentralized lending.

“There are a lot of new investors eyeing on decentralized lending. But for traditional investors, it is hard to understand the ins and outs of decentralized finance. This is where JENCO Loan comes in. We make sure that traditional and digital asset investors get the same opportunity to participate in decentralized lending,” explains Tony Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Jubilee Group’s JENCO.

With this innovative product, digital asset holders can now have other opportunities to grow their assets. Apart from trading their hard-earned coins, they can now earn profits by lending out their holdings through decentralized lending services.


JENCO Tech is a decentralized financial service platform that aims to enable and help more retail investors. By understanding the importance of allocation portion of their asset in this emerging technology, Decentralized Finance “Defi”. We also support and allocate a community of borrowers and lenders, with the aim of legal replacing “Wall Street’’ with Blockchain, and sharing the profits amongst our community members.

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